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Cosmopolitan - Majalah Paling Laris Di Dunia

Mahu Resipi Sarapan Sihat? Ikuti 5 Akaun Instagram Ini

Kadangkala kamu sudah ketandusan idea untuk menyediakan sarapan yang hampir sama setiap hari... Betul tak? Cosmo cadangkan kamu ikuti akaun Instagram ini untuk menambah taste buds kamu.

GIF: Qistina Jafril

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What is a healthy, balanced breakfast? ?⚖️❓ • When you say breakfast, the majority of people usually think cereal or toast. There’s nothing wrong with this if it’s what you enjoy, however it’s good to be aware of the nutritional value of these typical breakfast foods! • ? A 30g serving of cornflakes* with 150ml semi-skimmed milk**: ?? 191 cals • 33C (carbs) • 8P (protein) • 3F (fat) • 1g fibre *chances are you’d have a lot more cereal than the recommended serving size. **Most plant-based milks contain less protein and/or less complete amino acid profiles. • ?? 2 pieces of regular white toast with 12g butter: ?? 291 cals • 42C • 9F • 9P • 2g fibre • ? My breakfast today: ?? 498 cals • 46C • 20F • 30P • 7g fibre 1 egg + 110g @twochicks egg whites, 1 sesame bagel, 60g avocado, sesame seeds + some cherry toms – 5 mins to make, 1 of my 5 a day, lots of protein and fibre ??✅. It’s also going to fill me up much more than toast or cereal would and make it less likely that I’ll be reaching for the biscuit tin by 10am! • 3 Things I TRY to include in every meal: ?????? • MICRONUTRIENTS ? – if you’re like me and struggle to consume fruit and veg throughout the day then breakfast is a fab opportunity to get some micronutrients in! Some of my favourite ways to get a portion of fruit/veg with breakfast are avocado, fruit in smoothies, grated courgette and berries in oats/weetabix or pre-prepped frittatas/egg cups containing lots of veg. • PROTEIN ?? – a lot of people get the bulk of their protein for the day during their evening meal. The essential amino acids we get from protein sources are best absorbed when spread more evenly throughout the day, so it’s a good idea to get a decent amount at breakfast. Eggs/egg whites, meat, beans and adding protein powders to cereals or smoothies are great ways of increasing protein intake at breakfast. • FIBRE – the recommended fibre intake is 30g per day. Most adults in the UK currently only get 18-20g ? and fibre is incredibly important for gut health! Fruit & veg and wholegrains are good sources of fibre as are certain cereals like all bran, oats, weetabix, fruit n fibre and shreddies.

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